Team Office at Westhive Hardturmstrasse

At first glance, social distancing and coworking are difficult to reconcile. But coworking can make a significant contribution to reducing the risk of infection in large companies since it supports office splitting and remote working.

A coworking space is perhaps imagined as a large room in which many people sit closely packed at their workstations, drink coffee or attend lectures. But the reality is often quite different: Some coworking providers – including Westhive – primarily rent out team offices, i.e. enclosed workspaces for 2 to 8 people.

These are much smaller units than the open-plan offices that are standard in many companies. These companies therefore see coworking spaces as an opportunity to reduce the density of workplaces in their open-plan offices and minimize the risk of infection among employees.

Because if only one person in an open-plan office is infected with the corona virus, a large part of the workforce will suddenly drop out. This is a worst-case scenario for companies that are already facing major challenges in view of the corona virus pandemic.

Office splitting is therefore the order of the day: As far as business activities permit, the individual teams are distributed to different locations. Team offices in coworking spaces are an ideal solution here: they not only offer a complete infrastructure (Internet access, printers, meeting rooms, coffee machine), but also all the necessary services (cleaning, reception, IT support). Above all, however, they are available at short notice and – once the Corona pandemic is over – can be cancelled at short notice.

But individual workstations in coworking spaces can also help to contain the corona virus: employees for whom home office is not an option do not have to commute to distant company headquarters, but can instead work in a nearby coworking space. In this way, they reduce the risk of catching the virus on public transport. Because every commuter knows only too well that it is particularly difficult to maintain the required distance in trains, streetcars and buses.

Whether entire teams or individual employees: Coworking spaces make it possible to reduce the entrepreneurial risk in this exceptional situation and at the same time to show responsibility towards your employees.

Looking for flexible office space?

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